Accidental Figures After Pandemic

  • 40% increased daily bicycle trips since the “new normal”.
    However, in the midst of that bicycle boom, there were crashes. In the run of 2020, 136 cyclists have been involved in road accidents: 101 were injured and 35 died. Cyclists are 15% of all injured road actors.
  • According to the Center for Studies, accidents occur due to multiple recklessness (including high speeds), not complying with safe distances, making dangerous maneuvers, invading the lane or not using reflectivity or visibility elements.
    Today in Bogotá there are more than 500,000 daily trips by bicycle, which is more than half of the trips that were made in the city before the pandemic.
  • The use of the bicycle is sustainable with the environment, representing zero carbon dioxide emissions and contributes to preventing the spread of covid-19
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